Recycle FAN

Go Green with rFAN


Anjali Narayanan

11th grader at Travis High School located in Richmond, Texas with a passion for a greener environment.

Our Story

In 2019, Recycle FAN started off as a group of 3 passionate students trying to push more immediate climate action. Over time Recycle FAN was able to build at chapter at Travis High School in Texas with over 100 members and then expanded to over 300 members over 20 chapters across the country.

At RFAN, we believe that we cannot tackle these issues alone though, instead we aim to provide the youth the knowledge and skillset to take on these challenges together.

Core Principles




Our Actions (2019 – 2022)


Recycle FAN (RFAN) has raised $2000, had 300 high-schoolers volunteer 3500 hours in 60 events removing 400 lbs of waste from public spaces and communities.

Events have  included cleanups of neighborhoods and lakes. Our Paper Drive collected over 100 lbs of paper and donated to the Southwest Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Center. 

RFAN conducted donation drives encouraging reuse of materials, donated 50 blankets and 25 jackets to Fort Bend Women’s Shelter, 80 lbs of clothes to GoodWill supporting second hand clothes reuse.

Creative reuse of plastics, 500 plastic water bottles up-cycled as bird feeders, key chains, and planters, 300 single use plastic bags up-cycled by crocheting them into reusable bags.


Community education on recycling with 15 speakers; efforts include videos educating the 3000+ student body at Travis  High.

Instagram educational content (3000 views), educating 2000 elementary students at Cornerstone and Neil elementary schools, three Girl Scouts troops (75 people).

Online Instagram Poll to educate members about pressing environmental issues such as the effects of using palm oils, how cows pollute the environment, types of plastics that can be recycled and more; and tested member knowledge with polls. (100 actively engaged).


Advocacy for Green Student Voices to be heard, examples include-

Clean Highway Petition (100 signatures) asking Texas Senate and Representatives to support clean highways.

Virtual Seminars encouraging students  to sign a petition showing student support in passing a bill on climate change (200 participants).

Hosted a webinar in this past February with local city candidates during elections to highlight climate change issues locally.

Partnered with Texas Environmental Campaign to connect with Jordan Duncan (Texas environmental advocate) empowering Texans to fight pollution.